NGOs Can’t Presume Powers of Law Enforcement Companies: Court

NGOs Can’t Presume Powers of Law Enforcement Companies: Court

Voluntary companies cannot presume powers of police, a Delhi court has observed while bring up an NGO employee for getting 7 buffaloes detained, saying she did it “in connivance” along with an animal care Centre.

The court made the review while dismissing the plea of a female petitioner, member of an NGO, against the release of the buffaloes from the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre and enforced an excellent expense of Rs one lakh on her to be deposited with Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund.

” There is absolutely no law which permits the voluntary companies or so-called NGOs themselves to assume powers, jurisdiction, tasks and responsibilities of law enforcement agencies and replace the authorities’ equipment in this regard,” Additional Sessions Judge Lokesh Kumar Sharma said.

The court stated the petition submitted by the female, a member of NGO Gau Gyan Foundation, appeared to be an attempt to acquire “low-cost appeal” and squander the court’s precious time as the lady did not have locus standing to approach the court in the absence of a FIR in the matter.

” Present petition appears nothing but an attempt on the part of the petitioner to in some way gain low-cost appeal and is the sheer wastage of valuable time of this court as the petitioner has cannot construct her locus standing to submit today petition as she is neither the IO of the case, nor the plaintiff in any case qua the present animal stock.

” Instead of continuing her matter for accommodations of a legitimate FIR versus the alleged terrible treatment of animals by their owner/occupier, petitioner sat over the matter silently and in a pleased way after the recording of the DD (day-to-day journal) Entry,” it stated.

The judge said, “it is intriguing to keep in mind that petitioner herself has advocated payment of charges to the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre, whereas the Centre itself had selected to remain silent on this element, which goes to show that she was in connivance with the Centre.”.

The court likewise kept in mind that because there was no FIR in this case, “thus, neither any investigation was needed nor the animal stock could have been apprehended at the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre.”.

” Hence, the modification petition is dismissed being lacking any merits with the exemplary cost of Rs 1, 00,000 to be transferred to Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund by the petitioner.”.

The court noted that on September 11, the female had lodged a complaint versus some unknown individuals for presumably transferring 7 buffaloes for slaughtering. After taping the DD, the buffaloes were eliminated from the owner by the police and sent to the animal care Centre and the lady did not get a FIR registered.

The owner begged before a magisterial court looking for the release of the buffaloes – four grownups and three calves – which was permitted, with the court stating he was the authentic owner of those animals.

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